Greek olive oil

Greek olive oil

evo3 Greek Olive Oil


Greece is one of the three top olive oil producers in the world, along with Italy and Spain. The olive tree has been growing in Greece for some 50,000 years, so it is a staple of the Greek diet and culture.


What is Greek Olive Oil and how is it different than other olive oils?

Greek Olive oil is much loved for its unique qualities. Of course, each olive oil has its own aroma and taste profile depending on where the olives were grown. Because of differences in soil and climate, each olive species is characterized by its own lovely flavors and aesthetics. 

Greek olive oils are no exception. Greek olive oils typically have a beautiful green color and stronger flavor profiles. Greek olive oil is known for a delightfully pure aroma as well. 


Is Greek Olive Oil healthier than other olive oils?

While Italian olive oil is known for the highest levels of cycloartenol, research has shown that Greek olive oil contains higher levels of polyphenols than some other oils. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants that work to reduce the risk of a number of health problems. Studies show that polyphenols, like other antioxidants, block the action of certain cancer-causing enzymes. Ultimately, it is the freshness and quality of any olive oil that provides superior health benefits.  evoᶾ is known for the highest quality organic extra virgin Greek olive oil available. 


What You Should Know Before Buying Greek Olive Oil?

You should always be certain that you are buying the best-quality organic Greek olive oil. When purchasing extra virgin olive oil from evo3, you can be certain that only sustainable farming methods were used to grow the olives, with no chemical pesticides or  dangerous fertilizers. This means our customers are getting the safest, healthiest Greek olive oil available. evoᶾ offers the highest-quality organic extra virgin Greek olive oil. It has a silky, smooth texture, delicate flavor profile, and a lovely golden green color. 

Which Olive Oil Should I Purchase? If you are not sure which type of olive oil to purchase, you may consider trying several varieties in smaller quantities so that you can find the olive oil that is right for you. You may find that evo3 Greek olive oil is the perfect blend for your kitchen. Extra virgin organic olive oil is excellent for garnishing vegetables and cheeses, but contrary to popular belief, it can also be used for cooking without harming the flavor or antioxidants. Feel free to experiment and have fun exploring the different varieties.

What is Greek Olive Oil Used For?
Greek olive oil, like all quality evo3 olive oils, is excellent for garnishing - drizzling over raw or roasted vegetables and cheeses, dressing fresh salads, and for dipping warm bread. It should also be used for cooking - frying, roasting and even baking - as it  pairs well with fish and lamb. Greek olive oil is perfectly balanced for use at every meal and for any occasion. Begin experimenting today.




Greek olive oil

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